In the vibrant culinary scene of Boulder, Colorado, talented chefs continuously strive to bring new flavors, innovative techniques, and memorable dining experiences to their patrons. Among them is Alex De Bernardis, a passionate sous chef at Basta, who has carved his path in the industry with a fervent desire to break the mold and introduce unique ingredients to diners’ plates. We recently caught up with him to chat about his culinary journey, favorite dining spots, and his take on the ever-evolving restaurant standards. 

A Chance Journey to Boulder:

Originally from New Jersey, Alex’s culinary adventure first took him to Canada, where he pursued his education at the Niagra Culinary Institute. However, it was a twist of fate that brought him to Boulder in 2014. Looking to make a change and under the trusted guidance of his favorite bartender, Alex closed his eyes, tossed a dart at a map, and found it land on Colorado. Without hesitation, he embarked on his journey west, ultimately landing in Boulder, where he secured a job and an apartment en route.

A Trail of Culinary Excellence:

Alex’s resume boasts an impressive lineup of restaurants in Boulder, each contributing to his culinary growth and expertise. Alex served as executive chef at Mateo, where he honed his skills in overseeing all aspects of the culinary operation, from menu planning to staff management and ensuring top-notch food quality and presentation. Alex also played an integral role in the opening of Rosetta Hall and, later, the farm-to-table focused Acreage where he had the opportunity to work alongside the renowned chef Daniel Asher. This collaboration led to his tenure as Che de Cuisine at Ash’kara where he found a passion for cooking Middle Eastern flavors. The experience proved to be transformative, solidifying his passion for incorporating new ingredients and breaking culinary norms.

Passion and Expertise at Basta:

As a sous chef at Basta, Alex’s passion for pushing culinary boundaries shines through. He revels in the opportunity to present customers with dishes that challenge their expectations and introduce them to new and exciting ingredients. His dedication to providing an extraordinary dining experience is evident in his commitment to creativity and innovation in the kitchen.

Favorite Dining Spot:

Despite now working at Basta, Alex’s favorite dining spot remains unchanged. Basta has been a staple for his date nights, even before he began working there with his long-time girlfriend, Leyla. The restaurant’s allure and charm have not diminished, and Alex continues to bring out-of-town guests to savor the exceptional cuisine. Basta’s ability to create a special ambiance for romantic evenings has cemented its place in Alex’s heart.

Hidden Gems and Late-Night Indulgences:

When Alex isn’t creating gastronomic wonders at Basta, he frequents some of his favorite spots in Boulder. Le Frigo is his go-to destination for delectable sandwiches and artisanal meat and cheese offerings. For a satisfying dinner experience, Rincon Argentino takes the crown with its flavorsome Argentine cuisine. And after a long shift, Alex finds solace at Jungle, sipping on his preferred cocktail: a classic Negroni.

A Vision for the Future:

Beyond his culinary endeavors, Alex is an advocate for a new standard in the restaurant industry. He believes in the Michelin Green Star program, an initiative that focuses on sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and promoting a positive impact on the environment. Alex envisions a future where the Green Star rating becomes the benchmark for discerning diners, surpassing even the prestigious standard Michelin rating.


Alex represents the exciting and evolving culinary landscape of Boulder. As he continues to push boundaries and experiment with new flavors, we eagerly anticipate the extraordinary culinary delights that await us in this vibrant city.

Author : Jessica Benjamin

Jessica Benjamin

Jessica Benjamin is the fearless leader behind Savor Productions. With her unmatched dedication to the local community, and her more than 20 years of experience in event production and marketing, Jess guides the Savor team with heart and passion. Tacos are the way to her soul, and when she's not working, you'll find her in her garden and kitchen with her family.

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